Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I did it.

Yes it's true I finally updated. Not too much but enough for now. Enjoy!

My Boys

When Todd is home I no longer exist! He loves his daddy so much! These are a few of the things they have been up to. They wrestle all the time! Gaige will say "do you want a piece of me?" Then they go into the "babies room" which has a mattress on the floor and wrestle forever!
They also play buckin bronco. Gaige sits on Todd and tries to hold on while Todd tries to buck him off! Both laughing constantly the entire time of course.

No matter what they are doing they are usually together.

The back of our couch was broken and since I married Mr. fixit he decided to tear it open and repair it. Well of course Gaige couldn't be left out. He went to his room and got out his tools and helped fix the couch! Todd was very patient and is really great about letting him get in there and fix things with him. ( by the way, Todd was able to fix the couch and it is better than before!)

Twinner drillers!

Happy Birthday to Todd! #28

Gaige helped to frost the cake! Well maybe he just ate the frosting!
Wow thats a lot of candles! Im not sure which one was more excited to blow them out!


We went sledding on New Years day. It didn't last too long due to the freezing wind, but Gaige and Todd had a blast. I of course got to watch from the bottom and take pictures because of the whole pregnancy thing!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Hawaii

This is what Gaige looked like most of the time! Yep, just a diaper, sometimes he wore shorts but it is too hot to wear any clothes! I just wish i could get away with it!

Todd passing on his ukulele skills. Oh wait Todd doesn't have any skills!

He loves his "guitar" he walks around singing songs and trying to play it!

On Sunday we went to Pearl Harbor. This is us on the boat ride over. If Todd doesn't look to excited it's because he isn't, he had a headache and felt miserable.

Todd feeding the birds our leftover Mcdonalds.

U.S.S Arizona Memorial

Gaige being cute looking at Pearl Harbor history.

After Pearl Harbor we went to Waikiki for some beach fun and dinner. There was a band playing and Gaige had a blast dancing.

Waikiki sunset!

Todd and Danny decided that they wanted some coconut. So they found some on the beach and savagely opened them. Todd used a knife and a screw driver. Danny tried the rock method then went to the knife. Then they threw them on the ground and broke them open.

Danny, Travis and Todd trying it out. It tasted great!

I think he needs a bigger size!

Last night we went to a beach not to far from the house to see the turtles. There were two of them on shore. This one was super nice and let us take pictures by him. The other didn't like us so much and went back into the ocean pretty quickly.
So that was our trip! I will have more pictures soon when Sadi and Lisa email me some. ( I forgot my camera a lot and they saved my butt.) Thanks Girls for being on top of it!
We leave tomorrow night! Sad but we are ready to go home and see the family! We miss everyone so much! See ya soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We are having so much fun in Hawaii so far! Here are some of the things we have been doing, with more to come!Gaiges first feel of the ocean! He laughed and laughed!
My boys on the beach the very first day!

This is the house we are saying in. It is right on the beach! We have a really great neighbor with three little girls, they come over and play all the time and she has been great at telling us where to go and not to go. Apparently Makaha is not the greatest part of the island ( lets compare it to West Valley ) It is not touristy at all! We are on the complete opposite side of all the tourist things but I still like it here. Whenever the guys tell someone where we are staying they think we are crazy, but it really isn't bad.

On Sunday we went to the Dole Plantation. Not on the top of my list of things to do in Hawaii, but Gaige loved the train! We skipped out early and didnt do the garden tour, it was pretty lame!

Todd being a tourist!

On the train!

Gaige loved the train. He was super relaxed and almost fell asleep standing up!

After the Dole disaster we went to the North Shore! Huge waves, mean lifeguards and girl on girl wrestling! yes thats right we were sitting by some girls who thought it was great to wrestle each other and pull their tops off! I also saw a larger womans swimming suit come off from a huge wave and got to see more of her than I wanted! Moral of the story, if you are looking for a wholesome family experience do not go to the North Shore! If you would like to see some nakedness then head on over!

Gaige and I at the North Shore. The large woman behind us is the one I got to see topless. Lucky me!?

Travis, Todd and Ben trying to swim in the huge waves. This is before the lifeguard yelled at them because they "didn't have the right equipment." Like i said not very nice lifeguards at the North shore.

The sunset view from our balcony.

Gaige has been workin on his muscles and his tan!
Cute Audrey!

Almost everyday we go to the beach in front of the house and play. Gaige likes us to dig him a "pool" to play in. He loves to sit in the wave with Todd too!

Well this is our trip so far! there will be more to come!

Gaige being cute in his towel!

Birthday #2!!!

Gaige on his cool new bike!
He loves his new tools, just like Daddy!

Some random monster that crashed the party!

Not too sure about his cake!

Playin ball with the boys.

Future Major league star?!
We had such a fun/cold party for Gaiges # 2! We went to the park for a baseball style party. Hot dogs and nachos for dinner, what two year old doesn't love that? He got a new motorcycle bike that he loves and tons of toys! Thanks for spoiling him everyone!
Gaige is at such a fun age right now. He is very polite and says please and thanks.( I wish i could teach Todd to do that!) He talks a ton! He is learning his colors, he knows pink and orange and we are working on the rest. He love to watch cars, toy story, curious George and Hannah Montana! He loves to play with cousins, especially Brooklyn and Kiley! We love him so much and are excited for this coming year to see all the new things he does!